Why Wendy will never be governor

I mean, besides her plan to make guns illegal and abortions in the third trimester just peachy—without calling it murder, of course.

Poor Wendy Davis, the Democrat abortion queen from Fort Worth, has to go all the way to NYC to raise money for her abortive (to coin a phrase) campaign for governor of Texas. Well, Wormtongue did promise to turn Texas blue and having Wendy for governor would sure make lots of us blue. But, really, there’s no danger. None at all.

I doubt that even Wendy really expects to win. Which is good. Realism is good for you. And if she can get some Yankee suckers to give her money for her hopeless campaign, all the better. Let the progressives pay. Through the nose.

2 responses to “Why Wendy will never be governor

  1. Abortion Barbie. Objectively, no one should take her seriously. There is no ‘there’ there.

  2. Her candidacy merely shows how desperate Texas Democrats are.