Rule 5: Anita Ekberg


A famous, sometimes nude model of the 1950s, “Sylvia” in Fellini’s La Dolce Vita, and one of my pubescent fantasies. Some things we never forget. And, now, thanks to the magic of the Internet, we can’t.

UPDATE: Little story about her. I had a paper route at 13, delivering tabloids. In those days (1957) even tabloids didn’t run cheesecake so they had to deliver in words (carefully) what they couldn’t show. I remember being mesmerized by an item on how Ekberg supposedly lost her decolletage, flung her arms about herself to hold the dress up and flew to the ladies room. Concluded the copywriter: “Underneath Anita’s dress was just Anita.” I still get chills reading it.

MORE:  Sex Goddess Dies at 83. Adios, Anita.

3 responses to “Rule 5: Anita Ekberg

  1. This version, anyhow. The aged one we’d best not discuss, much less spend any time looking at. Age rarely compliments any of us, but let’s just say that we’ll stick with the youthful Anita.