First legal pot sales in Colorado

“Judish peeled off $30 cash and walked out with 1/8 ounce of Larry OG, a potent strain of marijuana that connoisseurs like for its euphoric rush. ‘It’s cool to be part of history,’ he said with a grin. He had put his name on a list to be the first customer 14 hours earlier.”

It won’t be so cool to go to jail. It’s still a federal crime to buy, sell, or smoke marijuana. Which is why I say good luck to people like this who are foolish enough to put their names on a list the Choom Administration’s feds may soon be demanding to see.

Via Althouse.

UPDATE:  Or, maybe not. “The feds say they’ll intervene if governments can’t prevent distribution to minors or trafficking across state borders, but those are both inevitable and no one should expect that Attorney General Eric Holder’s troops will arrest people as they cross into Utah. Those are President Obama’s voters.

One response to “First legal pot sales in Colorado

  1. Yes, it creates an interesting legal situation. We may see yet local cops shooting feds to protect their citizenry…. or not?