Hitler’s Amerika bomber


The ME 264, dubbed the Amerika Bomber, was designed to fly 3,600 miles across the Atlantic, bomb New York City, and return to Germany. A prototype was fortunately destroyed in a bombing raid. A few score with incendiaries could have cored the Big Apple. And then started firebombing D.C.

4 responses to “Hitler’s Amerika bomber

  1. We could use a couple of those now, actually…

  2. Heh. And if they took off from DFW, they wouldn’t have so far to fly.

  3. That is one of the reasons Nazis were stopped just in time. They were quite brilliant in inventing the killing hardware, and were ahead of the rest toward the end of the war.

  4. I think their best chance for this passed with ’43. After that they were being hammered from the air, not just their cities and factories but their troops and tanks by dive-bombing P-47s based in England until after Normandy when they shifted to forward fields in France. A good book on the latter is Hell Hawks! here: http://tinyurl.com/majcltr