The Miriam Carey murder

So far, only WND, a sometimes discredited Internet news outfit, has had the decency to follow up the murder of a suburban mother. They report that her autopsy—obtained by her family’s lawyer—shows no drugs in her system and note that six months later we’re still waiting for release of the official police investigation.

“Did I mention she was African American? When a black teen dies in a late-night one-on-one encounter with a fellow citizen on the streets of Sanford, Fla., it’s the biggest thing since Selma. But when a defenseless black woman is gunned down by a posse of robocops in broad daylight on the streets of the capital, the Reverend Jackson and the Reverend Sharpton and all the other bouffed and pampered grievance-mongers are apparently cool with it.”

The double standard really is chilling. Not just by the race hustlers but by the so-called free press. I’m beginning to realize that almost none of what was reported when Ms. Carey was murdered six months ago was even close to accurate. Big, old media, which has long worked closely with the cops, took their lies at face value and now, apparently, are too embarrassed to retract what they reported to even continue following the story. For shame.

Via Mouth of The Brazos.

2 responses to “The Miriam Carey murder

  1. “the general description of the suspect — a white man in a black shirt”

    Scientific policing, as usual. Trigger-happy cops, more like.