Fathered by lies

Obamacare: “a debacle, wrapped in a catastrophe, shrouded in a disaster.”

Wormtongue’s signature “achievement” doesn’t even help the people it was supposed to, the low-income without health insurance. That was just one of his many lies.

And we’re stuck with it. Thanks to the crooked incompetents who are our political elite. Obamacare is a fine example of the continuing decline of the American empire. But what could you expect from the likes of Hillary, Barack, Kerry, Biden, Schumer, Boxer, Waxman, Reid, Pelosi, Kagan, etc.? Not to mention Boehner, McCain, Rubio, and so forth.

And, of course, we get what we deserve: Time was when Obamacare would have sparked a revolution. Now people just yawn and change the channel. It’s hard to get too upset about anything when you have enough to eat, clothes to wear, and air conditioning—and the entertainment choices keep proliferating.

Now I know how my grandfather felt in the 1930s watching the country being dragged down by FDR and his band of Stalin-lovers. A pox on all of them, I say, of both parties, without exception. May they never recover from the guilt and shame of skewering their country in the name of power-lust, expediency and corruption.

UPDATE:  Even the title of Affordable Care Act is a sham, as it has driven health insurance premiums up and up. There are more uninsured, too.

5 responses to “Fathered by lies

  1. I am just thankful I don’t work at Wal-Mart Dick. That will be the front line when the EBT cards go south. Well, that and Best Buy ’cause when the ROL fails everybody wants a flat screen.

  2. Yeah, I’ve heard old guys, when I was a kid, bitch about FDR and his communistic cronys. I have also heard one of my great uncles rant on and on about “eisentower.”

    They all pretty much suck.

  3. Re: Roosevelt, democrats, and what the old timers said: And they weren’t lying after all.

  4. Yeah… I hope the people I know in US will not be hard hit by all that debacle.