The United States of Envy

Wormtongue has proven to be a great divider, instead of the uniter his supporters claimed he would be way back in the (relatively) low-unemployment days of 2008, before his party got both their hands on taxation and business regulation. While his political bashing of the “rich” and other “class warfare” games may appeal to some who should know better, it’s a perilous temptation:

“Voters who will [this fall] hear the Obama call for envy and redistribution should ask themselves and others: Would you prefer to live in an America where the market is dynamic and opportunity abounds, or in France, where unemployment is high and tax rates are crushing? Don’t you prefer opportunity to envy?”

You’d better. Because the Worm’s peddling of envy is just another of his many lies. He knows, as Charles Murray and others have said that the U.S. increasingly is becoming an oligarchy whose government is run mostly for the benefit of the rich and powerful who can afford to grease the palms of the bureaucrats and the pols who do the running. Politicians like the Worm depend on the “rich” for campaign contributions and, indeed, for their political futures.

And the “rich” don’t worry about his threats. They know they’re empty. They know he wouldn’t dare cross them. Even if he really tried to, they could shelter their investment income from his proposed taxes while what’s left of the dwindling American middle class takes the hit in their payroll checks.

Murray and others say the only way to reverse this oligarchy is by a cultural shift in which the pols stop looking for bribes and other graft and start really serving the people. The only way to get pols like that is to be careful who you vote for and, for starters, ignore the ones who peddle the phony rhetoric of envy and redistribution.

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5 responses to “The United States of Envy

  1. And why would the rich do such a thing? It sounds counter-intuitive. Because they can take the hit but their competitors and potential competitors go under.

  2. The really rich–.0001 percent–will get tax breaks and special favors. They’re in O’s pocket and he’s in theirs. Those who suffer will be small business people like my daughter and her husband.

  3. Indeed, the small business people I know have been hurting ever since he was elected, and economists say they’re the ones who are supposed to jump-start hiring. The old Democrats seemed to care about the economy. These current ones don’t seem to care about anything except their careers and cronies.

  4. Envy is an old an tested cause of revolutions. Revolution is an old and tested means of redistribution. He who was nothing becomes everything or whatever they say.