Marty Robbins: Gangsta Rapper


Woke up the other morning inexplicably humming this Marty Robbins oldie, a big hit in 1960, which, of course, you never hear on the radio any more but sure ’nuff did way back then.

I wonder if Scott Chaffin does that from time to time, stirring from a doze in his box seat at the baseball diamond in the sky? Would not be surprised. It was Scott’s idea to include Robbins in the Gangsta Rapper Pantheon. Works for me.

I love the idea that the character of “wicked Felina” was adapted from a girl Robbins had a crush on in fifth grade. As they say, write what you know.

2 responses to “Marty Robbins: Gangsta Rapper

  1. Ha! I’m married to Wicked Fellina… We had a terrific argument about that song, long ago. I said “Selena” she said “Fellina.” Don’t remember what I had to pay for losing, so it couldn’t have been too bad.

  2. Heh. I, too, at first thought it was Selena. But that would make Robbins a prophet as well as a rapper. (For the famous Hispanic pop singer Selena of the ’90s.)