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Revolt Against The Elites

P.J. O’Roark in the new issue of the Weekly Standard:

“The elites fail and don’t suffer any consequences from their failures. As it is with elite carelessness about refugees, so it is with elite carelessness about immigration. To elites immigration means nannies, household staff, and fun new ethnic restaurants. Elites don’t see any similarity between Trump’s border wall and the gated communities where they live.”

They will, eventually, when the wall is up and the steady flow of cheap, unskilled labor is choked at last.

Bruce Springstoned

Never cared much for his music and absolutely can’t stand him and his ridiculous pose as a simple Jersey working lad. And I’m doubling down on both now that he’s spouting the sham lefty meme about Trump’s alleged bigotry and lies.

“‘I’ve felt disgust before, but never the kind of fear that you feel now,’ Springsteen said of Trump… ‘It’s as simple as the fear of, is someone simply competent enough to do this particular job? Forget about where they are ideologically. Do they simply have the pure competence to be put in the position of such responsibility?'”

You’re pretty stupid Mr. Springstoned, if you think a man who made himself a billionaire doesn’t have “pure competence.” You leftist moron. You toad.

Via Instapundit.


Three and a half weeks to go

Before President Trump takes the oath of office, that is. Plenty of time for Bronco Bama and his minions Lurch and Slow Joe Biden to make things much worse in the Middle East by doubling down on their backstabbing of Israel. By ordering his UN minion to vote yes when the dictator’s club very likely puts up a new resolution setting out the borders of a so-called Palestinian Arab state.

Borders that very likely would cut Jerusalem in half, if not wholly severing it from Israel proper. Taking, at the very least, the Temple Mount and the holy Western Wall, and possibly the Jewish quarter as well. At least in UN fantasy.

At which point, the UN might as well declare war on Israel, as that would be its only chance of enforcement. And no chance even then. The blue helmets have never been known for combat prowess and the IDF would whip their sorry butts.

And our duplicitous skunk of a president, with his pathetic brag that he could have beaten Trump when Clinton couldn’t, despite his very personal campaigning to no avail on her behalf, won’t be remembered for achieving anything but one foreign and domestic disaster after another. Good riddance, you scumbag.

Meanwhile Charles Krauthammer is suggesting that Trump’s operation tear down the UN building and put up condos. But, please, only after heavy fumigating of the old site.

Via Times of Israel

Before Trump’s bashing, there was Reagan’s

As efficiently summarized by commenter kennycan at Instapundit:

“It was the Republicans calling Reagan a b-movie actor with voodoo economics and a disastrous foreign policy goal of defeating the USSR that would end up in apocalyptic global disaster. He was a radical. A maniac. A dunce. A buffoon. An actor aka reality star, unread and uncouth, a Cowboy, a fascist, a Nazi, a racist bigot, a closed trade isolationist advocate with his Japanese tariffs rhetoric. Completely unfit to be POTUS.”

And, of course, the Democrats and their dominant Democrat news media happily chimed in and kept up the slander all the way up to election day.

Now, of course, even the Dems have canonized Reagan as a near-saint.

Meanwhile, Trump’s attacks on the Democrat news media are very similar to Reagan’s, if more pointed and, after so many years of their political bias, more vitriolic. Can’t hurt. Most Americans don’t trust and can’t stand the news media.

And prospective first daughter Ivanka Trump, for one, surely is learning why.

But it’s not just the news media. Nowadays, it’s also Hollyweird, television, academia, etc. Democrats all. Combined with the news media, a much more formidable enemy for Trump to defeat. Possibly impossible.

Via Instapundit.

What, no Pocahontas?

Shocking news that the Hildabeast has passed over Pocahontas as her running “mate.” Instead she chose this white male senator with plenty of scandal baggage of his own.

The fact that Elizabeth Warren (whom Trump calls Pocahontas for her dubious claim of native American heritage) was almost free of it apparently cut no ice. More likely the Bag Lady wanted to stay far away from any other uterus that might draw the spotlight away from her. Warren is a bit younger and somewhat better looking, so…

Can’t wait to hear what catchy nickname Trump imposes on the new guy.

Vox populi, Vox dei

“This brings me to Donald Trump.  I plan to vote for him because he won the nomination fair and square.  I would rather vote for Abraham Lincoln, but he is not on the ballot.. I have two choices, and all the finely reasoned objections to him by highly educated intellectuals are so much hot air.  There is not going to be a Third Party candidate.  When I get in the voting booth there will be two names on the ballot and I am a Republican.”

Works for me, though I am not a Republican. Not to mention how awful another eight years of a Democrat would be. Not just the Hildabeast but any Democrat. You think the economy is bad now…

Via Miriam’s Ideas.

Killing gays is not ISIS law, it’s Muslim law

It’s turning out that the Orlando mass murderer was well known to colleagues and superiors for being an ardent adherent of sharia law. Similar to, if not exactly like, Major Hassan at Fort Hood whose colleagues and superiors didn’t take him seriously. At least in part because of political correctness and fear of being called racist.

“He talked about killing people all the time,” [Mateen co-worker Daniel] Gilroy told The New York Times. And he wasn’t surprised when he learned of the massacre: “I saw it coming.”

That’s what’s got to change: the coddling of Muslims who make their murderous intentions plain. Particularly Muslims who champion sharia law. Because sharia law mandates such savagery as wife beating and the killing of homosexuals.

Barry Hussein’s and the Bag Lady’s usual call for more gun control and diverting attention to ISIS is beyond ludicrous. And they know it.

Trump’s temporary or even permanent ban on Muslim immigration isn’t likely to be entirely effective. The Orlando killer was a U.S. citizen. Better would be to ban Muslim immigration from countries that impose supremacist sharia (Yemen, Iran, Mauritania, Nigeria, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Sudan, United Arab Emirates, Iraq & Afghanistan), including European countries where Muslims have formed a critical mass and take sharia seriously.

All of which would require a sea change in American culture in our silly and stupid age, where multiculturalism, political cowardliness and political correctness are going to get us all killed.

Via National Review Online