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Two Years of Fake News

Keeping the Dims in line

It’s called living in their heads, rent free.

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Hatch on Trump

I’ve always liked Orrin Hatch, even when I disagreed with him. He’s good on Trump, the first Republican president since Reagan who fights back against the Dims and their lapdog news media:

“I think it’s just great that [] gets out there & doesn’t take any crap from anybody. He’s done really well for somebody who’s never been in politics before. I’m starting to think maybe we ought to get more of those people who’ve never been in politics before.”-

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The Rotisserie of Justice

Unveiling the secrets behind Spygate, says commenter Alan Veenstra at WSJ, will come about in Trump’s own good time:

“I am comfortable with Trump holding back on his authority to release the pertinent documents. He has repeatedly proven that his political (and theatrical) instincts are superior to those who seek immediate gratification.

“Let the rotisserie of justice turn at its own speed, slow roasting those on the spit. The entre’ will be all the tastier and more satisfying. Trump can always force the release of docs if the swamp and the DIMS are successful in thwarting justice [for a while]. Relax and enjoy the ride. Trump has this under control.”

Via Kimberley A. Strassel at WSJ

UPDATE:  I’ve become suspicious of Trey Gowdy since his multiple “investigations” have all come up dry, particularly the one on Benghazi. But he makes sense here, if what he has been told was the truth. Which, knowing the sources, is a big if.

Fart, Barf & Itch FU again

Best headlines are, as usual, from Breitbart:

Revealed: FBI, DOJ lied to FISA court, withheld key info so Obama Admin could spy on [Trump] political campaign.


Comey used dossier to apply for FISA warrant…Same dossier he called ‘Salacious, unverified.’

Not to forget:

Trump: FBI, DOJ ‘Politicized Sacred Investigative Process in Favor of Dems’ , Russia investigation ‘An American Disgrace.’

Alt-left attacks the Phoenix police

Bottles of urine again. From Antifa. They of, as the president said, at last: helmets, black masks and clubs.

This time they were met with pepper spray and tear gas. Way to go, cops.

UPDATE:  And rubber bullets and concussion grenades.

Trump comes close but still can’t say “Antifa”

“You had a group on one side that was bad, and you had a group on the other side that was also very violent, and nobody wants to say that, but I’ll say it right now. You had a group — you had a group on the other side that came charging in without a permit, and they were very, very violent,” the president continued.

Nice try, though. Good on ya, Mr. P.  You’re a reasonable man in a most unreasonable era. The Mediacrats will go crazy. Let them wallow in their fake news.

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