The Mideast game: rockets & retaliation

Hamas apparently can’t do serious damage to Israel with the munitions it has, despite its rockets now ranging from the Upper Galilee in the north to Eilat in the south, and Israel refuses to do serious damage to Hamas with the advantages it undoubtedly has—including absolute control of Gaza’s electricity and water.

So the rockets-and-retaliation game goes on, with Hamas playing for publicity and Israel trying to manipulate it. Is this a real war? Or a public relations gambit?

The only people who must take the game seriously are the civilians who endure it and the soldiers waiting to see if political threats to once more risk their lives are real or mere propaganda.

One thing is for sure: there will eventually be a truce and eventually a new game. And nothing will be resolved. Outsiders can only shake their heads in wonder.

One response to “The Mideast game: rockets & retaliation

  1. “In circles” is an apt description of the situation. The Hebrew expression, roughly translated, is “No way to swallow and no way to barf out”. A bone in one’s throat is a good equivalent.