Mr. Boy’s straight A’s

He still wears shorts in the winter-time, despite the Arctic blast that settled into Central Texas overnight Tuesday. But I now have to concede that it makes a certain sense.

He rides a school bus now, a bus which stops a short distance away on our street. Then, as he says, he spends the rest of the day moving from classroom to classroom, most of them overheated and drowse-inducing. No, public schools still haven’t solved that problem.

And you have to admire him for his straight A’s so far in high school, including the 90 he pulled out of algebra again for the first semester’s second of three cycles. Thankfully he has his mother’s academic work habits instead of mine.

UPDATE:  The 90 turned into an 89. He was angry at himself, another good sign.

4 responses to “Mr. Boy’s straight A’s

  1. I think you nailed it, with the academic work habit phrase. That’s the key. Not totally intelligence, for sure. Intelligence can be easily perverted to the pursuit of encyclopedic knowledge of Pokemon, Dragonball Z, pop/rap music, etc.

    My already modest intellectual gifts were sidetracked into trivial literature. Pretty much anything that was not “assigned reading”. Thus explaining my grades throughout school, until I came back as a vet.

  2. When he was in grade school the teachers–reacting to some publicized study I forget–started praising kids for their efforts not their smarts.

    And looking back I realized that a lot of the kids I knew who made A’s were not necessarily the brightest bulbs in the lamps, they just developed the habit of doing all of their assignments as completely and carefully as they could. While jokers like me, who hated school, sat in the back of the room so we could read science fiction paperbacks tucked into our textbooks.

    Found it:

  3. I knew I wasn’t the only kid who did the SF inside a textbook trick – but I didn’t think YOU did…

  4. My compliments to the kid. Good job. And the drowsy classrooms – this is not only a matter of heat 😉