Great dreams

I met Duke Ellington in a dream the other night in a remarkably small theater after his ensemble had concluded their 1927 composition Black & Tan Fantasy.

I tried to bum a cigarette from the great jazzman, but he refused. I thanked him for doing that. “It will make a better story,” I said. Then I woke up with a smile.

When I told my fiddle teacher about it, he wasn’t surprised. “You’ve been playing his music,” he said. Spooky instrument, the fiddle.

2 responses to “Great dreams

  1. I was around 10 yrs old when somebody gave me as a present that LP:

    Got me high for a month, probably. Then somebody else stole in after a few weeks…

  2. Clicked on the YouTube. Got msg: “This video is not available in your country.” That’s a first. Country-specific stuff.