That Jihadi camp near Sweeny

There’s an update on Mamoudberg, we’re told, just off Brazoria County Road 3, about 63 miles southwest of Houston. But we should probably wait to hear from J.D. at Mouth of the Brazos who lives in Brazoria County before we get too exercised about it.

Via BadBlue.

5 responses to “That Jihadi camp near Sweeny

  1. I have not spoken to my friend in the sheriff’s office in some time. I reckon I should. Synchronicity, you know.

  2. I replied to you in the comments at my place, but for everyone’s convenience, here is my reply, at a more reputable blog:

    “None of the shurff’s dept folks are talking, best as I can tell. Third hand information. It is rumored that there is at least one, maybe two, Freeport cops who are supposedly compound members, as mentioned in the linked article in Maggie’s Notebook.”

  3. That doesn’t sound promising.

  4. On the positive side: it gives FBI a good reason to take the finger out and go into the field to actually do something.