Nurse Hillary’s tyrannical compassion

One Cosmos on the amazing similarities between the Hildabeast and Nurse Ratched.

“So, I caught Nurse Ratched’s press conference yesterday, and was struck by how much she really does remind me of Nurse Ratched. It’s spooky. Between her and Obama, it’s difficult to say who’s the more irritating.

“And yet, there are obviously people — millions of them — who not only don’t find her irritating, but want her to be their Big Nurse.”

Sad but true.

Via Mouth of The Brazos.

2 responses to “Nurse Hillary’s tyrannical compassion

  1. The mysterious will of the electorate. Go figure.

  2. The electorate that votes, that is. Almost half of the eligible do not bother to vote for twiddle-dum or twiddle-dee.