The “treasonous” GOP letter

J.D. over at Mouth of the Brazos, has a fine rebuttal to the Democrat cries of treason, especially considering their inane celebration of a real traitor in Bowe Bergdahl:

“Obviously, the thought behind the letter was to hopefully sabotage yet another extra-Constitutional act from obama before it is too late to act. He and his party have promulgated several errors in judgment upon an unwilling American majority, and he now proposes to make this dangerous commitment on behalf of the United States against the will of the elected representatives of the people…

“The only problem with this letter is that it was signed by only 47 Senators. It should have been 100. At least 54.”

Oh, aye. Read. It. All.

One response to “The “treasonous” GOP letter

  1. I feel that deal will be signed in a few days. Unless the sides will declare another extension – at least for the show’s sake.