Next up at Texas: A black athletic director

I have nothing against Texas hiring a black (actually very pale) basketball coach whose given name Shaka gave it all away before I saw his pix. Most of the players are black (of one color or another), after all. Likewise the football players who now have a black (quite a bit less pale) coach.

But since Texas now obviously is into the PC game, it’s about time all those black athletes had someone who looks like them in the front office. So when is white (actually pinkish) athletic director Steve Patterson (who hired both new coaches) going to step down in favor of a black (pale or dark) athletic director?

If you said never, you’d be close. Even PC has to stop somewhere, eh Steve?

2 responses to “Next up at Texas: A black athletic director

  1. I feel some undercurrent of ill feeling towards Mr Patterson here.
    Hi, by the way. I am starting to see the end of the tunnel in the mountain of accumulated tasks, after the return. Almost 400 pics on the positive side and lots of phone calls to return on the other side. Gosh…

    • Not ill feeling exactly. Just a suspicion that his demonstrated concern for black coaches does not extend to giving up his own job for a black athletic director. I think we’ll wait until hell freezes over before that happens.