The Vichy GOP caves

The Stupid Party, which is really an offshoot of the Democrat Party, making the USA ruled by a single political party (except for the shouting) has caved in on the Worm’s AG nominee.

After holding up Loretta Lynch’s confirmation for months. Ironic name for an AG, that, “lynch.” When anybody gets screwed by the AG, you can say they were Lynched. At best, she’ll be Eric Holder in drag.

And our guy Ted skipped out on the vote instead of being recorded as a nay. He used an old Worm excuse. He had to fly home for a fundraiser. I’m pretty much more interested in Rubio, any how, who did vote nay.

I think he has a much better chance, if he can prove himself sufficiently to the establishment to beat Bush 3 to the nomination. It may be the Vichy GOP, and Rubio not much better than a Democrat, but either we vote for them or we get eight years of Godzillary and Slick. No thanks.

But I won’t expect any hope or change. Our greedy, corrupt and incompetent federal government will continue thus, as today’s confirmation proves.

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