Rockets Away

Quite a sight, Blue Origin’s first rocket launch southeast of El Paso off I-10 near Van Horn in far West Texas. It’s the latest example of the Lone Star rising.

With SpaceX’s new launch facilities at Boca Chica Beach on a sandy peninsula just east of Brownsville on the Gulf Coast, expected to be ready for Falcon Heavy launches in 2018, Texas will claim an ever-larger share of space commerce.

If the federal socialists can only control their desire to tax or regulate everything that moves.

2 responses to “Rockets Away

  1. Kudos to Texans, and thanks for sharing, I didn’t know that Bezos is also in the business. More power to all who goes there. As for taxes – nah, forget it. It is a ratchet – based process – the next administration will leave any old taxes in place to devise new ones…

  2. Fun to watch and read of and will be spectacular if they ever succeed in landing the booster intact (didn’t this time) as well as a capsule. But I don’t think I’d like to travel with them, even if I could afford a ticket. That capsule landing looked pretty hard.