Those charged Baltimore cops

I take heart from the fact that two of the six Baltimore cops charged with (or cooperation in) the killing of Freddie Gray are as black as Gray was , a third one is Hispanic and their accuser, a city prosecuting attorney, is herself at least half African-American.

Of course so much color in the story cripples the preferred Prog and Lefty narrative about white cops preying on black civilians, etc. Which is all to the good, since most of these approved narratives are bunk to begin with.

Via WSJ.

UPDATE:  Baltimore Sun’s look inside the city’s Freddie Gray investigation.

4 responses to “Those charged Baltimore cops

  1. Sennacherib

    Soon they will be talking of “White Privilege Osmosis”.

  2. Already begun. See the latest at via this:

    OTOH, Baltimore, like most large American cities, is and has been a creature of the Democrat party for many years:

  3. Sennacherib

    Hah, they’ll use a trick old as Sennacherib. They’ll investigate themselves, convict some low level flunkies, then congratulate themselves on their courage, openness, and commitment to “justice”. Ignoring in the meantime that the sacrificial victims now come from their side and though low level now, will later have to come from higher and higher up.

  4. Well, that would be only right, since the higher ups set the policies, either explicitly or by ignoring what’s really going on.