Obama priority: diversity not security

“At a time when global terrorism is resurgent, when the Middle East is burning, when Russian boots are marching, when China is ramping up its military and Iran is on the verge of going nuclear, is it really a good idea to ask the CIA to concentrate on achieving a 30% minority quota in the agency’s leadership ranks?”

Sure it is, when your name is Barry Hussein Obama and going easy on ISIS and other jihadis and hard on the Kurds and Israelis is your game. After all, even NASA has been instructed to spend its time “reaching out” to Muslims. And the new CIA director is the scowling John Brennan, an Arabist, career bureaucrat and longtime specialist in obfuscating the Islamist threat.

Because turning the U.S. inside out is what our Little Barry is all about. He was, after all, a red-diaper baby, and so, as Judicial Watch has lately discovered, was his longtime chief adviser Valerie Jarrett. And they don’t seem to have lost any of it.

Via WSJ.

One response to “Obama priority: diversity not security

  1. I can envision the future headline: “Another CIA agent joins ISIS” 😉