Terrorism in Tennessee

Another blood-thirsty jihadi, another sha’ria lover and wannabe kiddie diddler, goat-f**ker and wife-beater. And four dead Marines and a dead sailor at a military recruiting center.

More talk and bureaucratic promises you can bet will come to nothing, swept under the federal rug by the usual suspects. Since, as Gov. Jindal says, we can’t defeat Muslim evil without first recognizing that it exists. More raucous decrying of modern leftist practice of putting up gun-free signs—effectively inviting killers not to worry about armed self-defense—while declining to surreptitiously allow arms inside.

Reminded me of when I managed Army recruiters in 1970-71 from a 4-state recruiting command headquarters in West Virginia. None of us were armed, even at that time of heightened anger at the military over the Vietnam War thanks to lying public testimony by the likes of John Kerry.

But we were not stupid enough to advertise the fact to every idiot who might come calling—like everyone from Navy and Marine recruiters to kindergartners is forced by stupid politicians to do today. Damn their eyes!

UPDATE:  The jihadi schmuck might have been directed by ISIS. More. And you can probably thank both of them for a continuation of this noted increase.

MORE:  Meanwhile, the Democrat news media and the bureaucrats pretend the killer’s motive is still a mystery. Does anyone respect these idiots any more? Anyone with a grade-school education? They have no shame. At least Ted gets it.

5 responses to “Terrorism in Tennessee

  1. Sennacherib

    Yes Stanley and you can add the phrase “force protection” to the list of things that should have never come into being.

  2. They won’t do it. It’s not PC. The jihadis haven’t killed enough of them yet to wake the somnambulist generals. Not to mention Our Little Barry Hussein. And wait’ll Ma Barker claims the throne. With her Iranian lover…

  3. It makes me mad as hell. It is inconceivable anyone could respect obama or hilary, much less defend their attitudes and works, and vote for them.

  4. The Democrat news media created and has sustained Our Little Barry. Fortunately they’ve so degraded themselves in the process they’re having trouble sustaining her:


  5. Yeah… at least the formula “workplace accident” wasn’t used this time. For now, at least.