Democrats promote income inequality

The Democrats love to harp on income inequality and pretend that their polices of more taxes, more spending and more regulation will somehow bring the cure that even Soviet communism could not. So it’s refreshing to hear Carly Fiorina explain why they lie:

The truth is, Hillary Clinton’s ideas create more income inequality. Why? Because bigger government creates crony capitalism. When you have a 70,000 page tax code, you’ve got to be very wealthy, very powerful, very well connected to dig your way through that tax code. So, she made to cry [about] income inequality, [and] what I will continue to point out is the fact that every policy she is pursuing will make income inequality worse, not better, crony capitalism even worse, not better. And meanwhile, we will continue to crush the businesses that create jobs and middle class families.”

Our mendacious president has really done a number on the middle class he claims to care about. As if it were more than a mere slogan. And a subsequent eight years of Ma Barker, as I prefer to call Slick’s cuckold, will make it even worse.

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2 responses to “Democrats promote income inequality

  1. The problem is that this tax code will be never rewritten, only expanded by each subsequent government, not matter which party. It means that only a revolution will help. And you know what that means…

  2. There are quiet and so-called “velvet” revolutions. Poland proved that. They could scrap the code and start over.