Ma’s sweetheart charity deal

“Nothing says honest like a career pol whose income tops $20M,” says anon, a commenter at TaxProf Blog who notes that 99 percent of Ma Barker’s $15 million in charitable donations, or $14.9 million, went to her family foundation.

Which, in turn, donates a minuscule portion of its income to real charity while ensuring that Ma and Slick Willie live the lavish, private-jet lifestyle they once could only dream about. Ah, the glory of “public service.”

Want to try to do the same as these Democrat aristos? Good luck, peasant, keeping the IRS off your backside.

Via Instapundit.

UPDATE: From the WSJ: “The Clintons play by their own political rules, and taking a nearly $15 million tax write-off to assist their electoral ambitions is merely the latest.” Strange how the feds dance to the Clinton rules, ain’t it?

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