Lurch: Iran deal supports terror

Lurch (John Kerry) knows very well the more than $100 billion our Barry Hussein gave Iran as part of his “deal” (not a treaty, oh, no) will finance their aggression against their enemies, including Israel.

He says so in a letter to Congress: “We have no illusion that this behavior will change following implementation of the [Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action– i.e., Obama’s Iran deal.]”

Yet, somehow, Lurch also says the “deal” will bring peace to the region. What an Orwellian view, even for the man who never met a dictator he couldn’t do business with. After all, he and his master already gave billions to Qatar, the chief financier of Hamas.

Via PJMedia.

UPDATE:  And, quell surprise, Ma Barker supports the Iran “deal.” She wants to be Barry III.

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