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Let’s ruin the Dims

“There was massive fraud. Whether there was sufficient fraud to determine the outcome is beside the point. Large parts of the Democratic Party are criminal organizations and have to be held accountable. Take a cold shower and a deep breath, and prepare for a long war. Ask yourself if you want to win, or just let off steam… Civil suits have been litigated successfully against vote fraud for years. Thousands of such suits would ruin the Democrats.”

Via David P. Goldman at PJMedia

Capitol Invasion Not The First

At least six other times have people invaded the so-called People’s House. It’s really the home of the monied elite, many crooks, and enough contradictory politics to gag a goose. But the current invaders, including Antifa, aren’t likely to come out ahead this time either. Kruiser at PJMedia has the usual funny take: Media finally finds a mob it doesn’t like. These perpetually lying and exaggerating enemies of the people are the real problem.

Via PJMedia

Bringing rifles to a protest/riot

There were five there in Austin Saturday night: one AK and four AR-15s.

Yeah, open carry and all that. If these characters clowns want a war, they’re gonna die in one. The AK already has.

Via PJMedia

Morning of destruction

You were (so far) relatively safe if you lived in southwest Minneapolis. Otherwise…700 buildings were damaged, burned or destroyed. How many livelihoods?

“Cities like Minneapolis will struggle for years to overcome the destruction of these riots…Rioters burned down the very club where George Floyd had worked. They also wreaked havoc on the local community, black and white alike…It is absolutely heinous that speaking out about this destruction is considered anathema on the left.”

Which is why we don’t often see a map of the scale of the destruction, except on very bold media, like the Federalist, which NBC and Google are coincidentally (?) trying to shut down.

Via PJMedia (one of the very bold).

Antifa going down

“The Department of Justice has filed what looks to be the first tranche of charges against violent antifa protesters from coast-to-coast following weeks of rioting following the killing of George Floyd by police.”

Yep, 50 cases against 75 individuals so far. Now let’s see their mugshots.

Via PJ Media & CBS correspondent Catherine Herridge.

Poopy Joe

“It is now all but confirmed that Joe had a little accident…Occam’s Razor dictates that 77-year-old Joe Biden has very loudly pooped his pants in front of the whole world.”

The candidate who keeps on giving.

Via Treacher at PJMedia

Pedo Joe is self-destructing

Creepy, gropey, pedo Joe Biden was supposed to be the safe, sane alternative for the Dimocrats in 2020. Instead, he’s falling apart.

His most recent bizarro move came when he called a New Hampshire woman voter, who admittedly had asked him a hostile question, a “lying, dog-faced pony soldier.” Pony soldiers, according to Google, are Canadian Royal Mounted Police, though presumably Biden didn’t mean that. But calling a would-be voter a liar and saying she looked like a dog, is just plain nuts.

“At his best, Biden hemorrages odd syntax, non sequiters and virtually nothing that indicates he made it past the third grade,” says Stephen Kruiser at PJ Media. “This guy doesn’t need any more public campaign events, he needs a sedative and a full-time nurse.”

A nurse who doesn’t mind being groped.