Rising C02’s hidden benefit


Our Barry Hussein and the climate change scammers keep warning that the world’s deserts will expand north unless we give up abundant electricity, the internal combustion engine and other conveniences of a fossil-fueled economy.

Au contraire:

“According to [2013] research reported in the Geophysical Research Letters, increased levels of carbon dioxide (CO2) over the past three decades have caused an 11 percent increase in green foliage over the globe’s arid regions through a process called CO2 fertilization.”

The research finding, that desert margins are shrinking, not expanding, is two years old. Unless you’ve never seen it, in which case it’s as new as this morning. It’s the hidden benefit of CO2 available to all with satellite data. Funny how our own president, his agencies and his “green” cronies never seem to mention it.

Via Sci-News

3 responses to “Rising C02’s hidden benefit

  1. I, Sennacherib do not care for anymore green foliage. He’s had quite enough of that.

  2. Well, get on board with the efforts to stop the CO2. It’s the only way.

  3. Sennacherib doesn’t even eat anything green, regardless of his mother’s advice( I have to keep quiet she’s still around). CO2, bah, I shall make a call to Monsanto.