Indeed, no devout Muslim president

Of course not, if s/he feels bound by Islam’s Sharia law which, uniquely among the world’s major religions, expressly denies a separation of mosque and state. Dr. Ben Carson is absolutely right about that.

The Democrat snooze media’s outrage bus has been rolling on the point ever since Carson said it on Fox News, despite his logical explanation. And a few of his fellow GOP candidates, have been joining the off-with-his-head chorus. And why them? Because after the recent GOP dog and pony show (laughingly called a “debate”) Carson came in third in a poll showing Trump and Carly in first and second place.

So Carson, it seems, must be brought down at all costs—by back-in-the-pack losers Rubio, Bush and Pataki. And the Democrats for the success of their latest gotcha game. And undoubtedly because Carson also jokingly added: “I also can’t advocate supporting Hillary Clinton either by the way.”

Hang in there, Ben. They really hate it when you don’t fold. Especially when the outrage bus can’t manage to run over you.

Via Fox News.

UPDATE: Some devoted, fundamentalist Muslims agree with Dr. Carson. Heh.


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