Ahmed’s “clock” looks a lot like a bomb

Moreover, despite his multiple, continuous claims, he didn’t invent it at all. He took apart an existing, antique digital clock and rebuilt it in a pencil case that looks a lot like a miniature Hollywood movie bomb suitcase. As explained here.

So the Irving, Texas, high schooler’s arrest was easily explainable without resorting to the usual Islamophobic, racist b.s. Not to mention his father’s probable hand in the whole thing—daddy being a Sharia law “activist.” Plus, according to Mark Steyn, “a perennial Sudanese presidential candidate whose brother runs a trucking company amusingly called Twin Towers Transportation.” Subtle.

Ever hear of an “activist” who didn’t like publicity? Ahmed got plenty of it, once the Democrat snooze media’s weekly outrage bus got gassed up and rolling—plus a nice note from the Hildabeast (who else) a White House invite from our own Barry Hussein (he of the Muslim father and middle name), a new Surface tablet and an Xbox from Microsoft. Plus daddy is planning to sue. Of course he is. Not bad for a little time in handcuffs, eh Ahmed?

Meanwhile, a white kid in Dallas got suspended for wearing an American flag tee-shirt under his hoodie. Under it, mind you. His suspension was later canceled but the kid and his mother are still waiting for the outrage bus and his White House invite to arrive.

Via Instapundit.

UPDATE:  How Ahmed made Barry his dupe. Not to mention the Hildabeast, Microsoft, etc. Meanwhile the mayor of Irving notes that Barry made his invite and praise of the clock “maker” before pix of the device were publicly available. Makes you wonder if he and Ahmed’s “activist” father were in cahoots from the beginning. Staged the whole thing, as it were. Wouldn’t put it past Barry. Certainly not the Hildabeast.

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