Teacher confiscated Mr B’s iPhone

One of Mr. B.’s teachers called Mrs. Charm (who’s still in the hospital but may finally come home this afternoon) and said after three warnings to stop texting, and he still wouldn’t stop, she he confiscated his iPhone.

Requires a parent coming to the school to get it back for him. Ha ha. No chance today. Maybe tomorrow. Maybe.

It’s going to be amusing watching him discover email. He has prided himself on never using email (claims “his” generation does not do email), not even reading what other people email him. Now it’s that or we’ll see him acting like a heroin addict without his daily dose. Stay tuned. Heh.

UPDATE:  He was classically indignant. It was “my property,” etc. Then he went to bed early for the first time in living memory. No phone, no fun, apparently. Wish they’d confiscate it more often.

MORE:  Silly me. He had his old iPhone 5 to use in bed. At least for the tunes stored therein. No texting of course as it wasn’t wi-fi or cell tower capable. He picked up the six this morning at school, saving me a trip.

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