Differences between Paris and Jerusalem

“Neither Ban Ki-moon nor the leaders of Europe and America will be calling for ‘all sides to show restraint’, nor will they want to discuss a cycle of violence. No one is going to accuse France of a disproportionate response (even though M. Hollande within hours declared a state of emergency, sealed the borders and swore to respond ‘without mercy’) and no UN investigation will take statements from aggrieved Syrians or France’s neglected and discriminated-against Muslim minority.

“No governments, NGOs or respectable media outlets will suggest that France, as by far the stronger, richer and better-armed party, must offer concessions to its enemies as the only way to achieve peace.”


Via Simply Jews.

2 responses to “Differences between Paris and Jerusalem

  1. Oh, and not to forget: French are relatively gentle: Russians are heavily into carpet bombing these days, and you know what this means. But no one will protest that, you may take it to the bank.

  2. Like they say, if Israel’s critics didn’t have double standards they wouldn’t have any standards at all.