Another gun-free zone: Paris

“In France law-abiding citizens are not allowed to purchase guns, not even for self-defense. A few valiant citizens with guns could have saved a lot of people by confronting the terrorist[s], who don’t expect people to fire back at them.” —commenter Ulimatrix at PJMedia.

Yep. When only the cops and the criminals have guns, the law-abiding citizen is nothing but prey.

Mr. B. and I are going target shooting again tomorrow at Red’s indoor range  in South Austin. I’m not sure what his motive is other than curiosity and the fact that his best friend does it and hunts as well. As for me, now that it’s obvious the terror war continues to escalate, I want to get better at hitting dead center. And consider getting a CHL. They both might come in handy someday.

Via PJMedia.

8 responses to “Another gun-free zone: Paris

  1. They are not allowed pocket knives either. I was surprised to read after the cartoon slaughter that the police weren’t armed.

  2. The Froggies really are insane. You couldn’t pay me enough to live there.

  3. Well, French folks still have more guns per capita than Brits. Interestingly, the other day I read that since they outlawed gun ownership in UK, the number of crimes committed with the use of firearms keeps going up. And up.

    But again, I am sitting on the fence on this subject. Mostly because I am afraid of untrained and/or unstable people running around with guns.

  4. Obviously no one in that theater had a gun except the Jihadis. Now that law-abiding Brits are unarmed and unable to defend themselves, of course gun crime keeps going up. That’s also how it worked in D.C. and Chicago when they banned guns. The predators must fear the prey. Otherwise…

  5. Stanley,
    Punching paper feels good. How’s your shooting?

  6. I never see it as paper but always imagine it’s the head of a Jihadi. We’re improving. Twelve in the center this time and most of the rest in the center mass. I’ll be happy when I can put them all in the center.

  7. Don’t ever forget what you were taught in the army: center mass only. No finesse.

  8. If there’s time, finesse is good. A nice head shot, for instance.