“Obama doesn’t win wars. He lies about them.”

So says Sultan Knish who continues: “Obama has been playing tactical word games over ISIS all along. He would ‘degrade and ultimately destroy’ ISIS. Or perhaps dismantle the Islamic State. Or maybe just contain it.

“Containment is closest to the truth. Obama has no plan for defeating ISIS. Nor is he planning to get one any time soon. There will be talk of multilateral coalitions. Drone strikes will take out key figures. And then when this impressive war theater has died down, ISIS will suddenly pull off another attack.”

Meanwhile, Obamalot has been busy changing the names of the enemy. Two, three times. If this doesn’t confuse things enough, Wormtongue counts on you not remembering what he said.

The Sultan does.

3 responses to ““Obama doesn’t win wars. He lies about them.”

  1. A drone strike killing a leader or three, a raid that ends up killing UBL, all these things are good. But it ain’t gonna stop nothing. You gotta kill masses to make a difference. That’s just the way it is.

  2. As long as it can be done by remote control, the Democrats are for it. Otherwise…

  3. Yeah, the high altitude stuff is going only to tickle slightly. Meanwhile Putin, under the guise of fighting ISIS disposes of Assad’s enemies other than ISIS by carpet bombing the heck out of them.