Never a better time for firearms training

Of course our half-wit president and his lapdog media cronies will do their best to use the San Bernadino murders to try and disarm the law-abiding. Oh, yes, that will help, no doubt. Common sense has never been one of His Putz’s strong points. Nor of his pals at the WaPo and NYT. Fortunately neither the congress nor the courts will follow their, uh, leadership on guns.

In fact, this is probably the best time ever to go out to your local range, indoors or out, rent a gun (pistol or rifle makes no difference) and learn how to defend yourself and your loved ones. Most ranges will “rent” the weapon for free and only charge you for the ammunition it “eats,” as well as normal range fees.

Mr. B. and I are headed out to Liberty Hill (apt name) on Sunday for the second meeting of the Jewish Rifle & Pistol Club of Central Texas. Weather forecast is good enough. We’ll get in a little dry-firing beforehand so our aim won’t be so far off this time and, as usual, pretend the paper target is a Jihadi come calling. Or, in the case of San Bernadino, a Jihadi husband-and-wife team.

Nowadays, with a Muslim-lovin’ twit in the White House, you never know. Better prepared than sorry. They’d be crazy to try it in Texas, but they’re crazy to begin with.

UPDATE:  Go get ’em, Ted: “You don’t get rid of the bad guys by getting rid of our guns. You get rid of the bad guys by using our guns.”

MORE:  Time to get a concealed-carry permit. But the laws are complicated.

8 responses to “Never a better time for firearms training

  1. They tried it in Texas not long ago, remember? The “draw Muhammed” contest and the two muslims killed by a local cop? I’m glad the cop knocked them off, but I’m sorta disappointed that they weren’t knocked off by civilians.

  2. Me, too. I keep waiting for a concealed-carry licensee to suddenly appear at one of these things and, thanks to regular range training, efficiently dispatch the perp(s) to hell.

  3. A Texas CHL is relatively easy to obtain; sometimes it can be accomplished in just one long day. I had a CHL for years in tandem with the corporate job. When I walked away from that, I examined the need for yet another license and presence in yet another GOV database. When Texas relaxed the laws regarding carrying a weapon in a vehicle, it made up my mind and I relinquished my CHL.

    I rarely travel outside the boundaries of the Republic and when I do it is usually via air where so much as a pen knife is taboo. I am rarely much removed from my vehicle or residence so I am comfortable with that scenario.

    I commend you for getting out and practicing with Mr Boy.

  4. Indeed, Mr. B. likes it so much that he now wants a Smith & Wesson poster for his room.

    Sorry, again, Andy, for your loss of Tuco-the-Dog. We can understand better than most.

  5. There is no sweeter trigger than that on a Smith and Wesson revolver. It Is Massachusetts magic.

  6. Well, it would be nice if it wasn’t double-action, but it can be gotten used to. Pretty, ain’t it?

  7. Looks like something reliable, which is already a big plus.