Damn cedar fever

Mr. B set a recent, personal record for sneezing Friday—15 times in two minutes. His eyes were watering and the roof of his mouth itched. Oh, lord, that’s cedar fever most likely. Never bothered him before.

Then this morning I see KVUE weather reporting their daily rooftop air sample on Friday captured the first cedar (actually juniper) pollen of the season. Bit early for the annual Texas curse, but there it is.

Now we’ll have to hope and pray that El Nino delivers the forecast wet winter to help take the pollen out of the air. Otherwise he and I both will be struggling with the stuff before Xmas as well as after when it’s more generally a problem.

2 responses to “Damn cedar fever

  1. So the hereditary trait has shown up.

  2. Could be. Never bothered his mother, though.