Rule 5: Girl with gun


Off duty IDF, replacing fatigues with lace. Note inserted magazine with spare.

6 responses to “Rule 5: Girl with gun

  1. I’ve noticed the spare. I wonder how long that method of attachment would work under steady usage.

  2. It’s a strange-looking contraption. Maybe when Mr. Goon comes around he can explain how it works. Having had IDF experience himself.

  3. You mean the spare clip? I don’t think its a spare one. Rather, the clip is attached to an empty clip-like shell that is inserted into the rifle. This way, there is no risk of an accidental shot. The clip thus is safe yet within hand and ready for use. There are of course devices that allow connecting two clips in this fashion, and they work, but in this setting I think its safety first.

  4. Makes sense. It doesn’t look much like the standard magazine, though I imagine the banana clip attached to it is loaded. Thanks for the explanation.

  5. Yep, what Michael says – it is a clip holder that attaches to the slot like a real clip. Usually, when off duty, one should not insert the real clip, although I am not sure how inserting a clip with safety on could make M 16 (or its short version) dangerous. Quite a safe tool, that M 16.

  6. Well, safety first. You know what they say, the most dangerous weapon is the “unloaded” gun. Or something like that. The actual saying is catchier, but I can’t remember it.