Ol’ Blue Eyes

Made a new friend the other weekend at Torah Study at Beth Shalom, a fellow a few years older than my almost 72 who is from Round Rock, up the road north from the rancho.

Turned out we were driving the same make and model of cars, Honda CRVs, though his was newer. Did not however snap to his interest in Frank Sinatra. Said he was playing Ol’ Blue Eyes’ CDs everywhere he drives these days.

I still prefer Andrea Bocelli, among others, but I was curious to learn of the land rush in Sinatra memorabilia and recollections since his 100th birthday back on December 12. A Jack Daniels commemorative whisky, among other things.

And that his body was secreted in a Jewish funeral home prior to burial in 1998 to spare the family from the inevitable paparazzi:

“Though Sinatra wasn’t Jewish, he was a big activist for Jewish and Israeli causes, including a youth center in the Arab town of Nazareth. It seems fitting then that when he faced ‘the final curtain,’ he was given the solemnity he deserved…”

Via Jewniverse.

3 responses to “Ol’ Blue Eyes

  1. Not a bad man all in all, was Sinatra.

  2. Other than the mobster connections. They supposedly aided his career by threatening to break legs (at a minimum) of the unimpressed.

  3. Still better than pols, at least they were straightforward.