The Clinton penchant for lying

Sure, all pols lie. They’re notorious for it. But the Clintons, i.e. Slick Willie and his cuckolded harridan, the uterus running for president, do it all the time. Probably even in their sleep. Apart, of course, in separate bedrooms, if not separate addresses.

“As R. Emmet Tyrell Jr., an almost unhealthy student of Clintonian prevarication, once said, ‘The Clintons lie when they do not have to lie, and they tell a gaudy whopper when a little white lie would be perfectly satisfactory.'”

But while Slick Willie is a master of lies, the cuckold-harridan-uterus (known hereabouts as the Hildabeast) is terrible at it. Not that she doesn’t try. She’s just so obvious when she’s doing it, and she gets caught at it so often.

Latest example, in New Hampshire: “We now have more jobs in solar than we do in oil.” Heh.

Via Jonah Goldberg at NRO.

UPDATE:  Not that the blacks, Hispanics and labor union folks in Nevada care. They voted her past Bernie on Saturday. She and Slick can lie like rugs and they still love ’em.

One response to “The Clinton penchant for lying

  1. I have probably said it a hundred times, but still: all pols are lying, the difference between a successful one and a failure is only in how long is the pol able to get away with his/her lies. Politically-wise, her hubby was a successful liar, his two terms vouch for it.