How Marco will win the nomination

The GOPe hates Trump and, for that matter our Ted, so all they have left after the Thumper took SC is Marco the Rubio. Even if he did only come in second in a tie with Ted. I like Ted and Marco better than Trump, but how can the GOP establishment ignore the most popular fellow?

Easy. Now that the GOPe’s fav, Little Jebbie, has dropped out, Marco has got to be their man. How will they engineer it so he wins the nomination? Watch. After these dog-and-pony shows to make everyone think this process is truly democratic, the e will start controlling the caucus votes. Getting what they want.

Look for Marco to suddenly come from behind, going away. Shockeroo.

UPDATE: OTOH..”But on Tuesday night, the real-estate mogul broke 40 percent, winning his third nominating contest in a row and trouncing his two most serious competitors by almost 20 points. Instead of further clarifying who would be best able to take on Trump, the Nevada caucus raised doubts as to whether anyone could take him on at all.”

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