Soft target Brussels

Another gun-free zone, so to speak, the Brussels airport. Especially the American Airlines part of the terminal. So busy being PC the European Union didn’t have time to secure their own.

Excellant example, as it happens, for Trump’s allegedly racist plan to reduce Muslim immigration. Sure will help him in the vote department.

Via Drudge.

UPDATE:  Our Ted, previously clearly getting desperate, is now getting obnoxious. Cool your jets, Teddy.

2 responses to “Soft target Brussels

  1. The real problem is not guarding the a/p, it is rather the Islamist/Jihadis infested Brussels’ suburbs, where police is afraid to trod. And where not undercover ops are deployed. It is practically a country within a country.

  2. Ah, yes, much like Detroit and other parts of Muslim Michigan are becoming. Not sure a bombing in Detroit would get much attention, though. The city is already a disaster area.