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The horrors to come

“The enemy we have been fighting all this time is only the most brutal, radical and impatient, relentless and daring part of the horde that is breaking across Europe, Asia, Africa, the Middle East and America. This is a clash of civilizations. The thousands dead on 9/11 and the thousands more dead since then, are only a small down payment on the horrors to come…While we spend fortunes to build nations, the horde is building its own nations in the cities of Europe and in the old manufacturing centers of America…”

Hence anti-Semites like Congresswoman Illan Omar are on the rise.

Via Sultan Knish

Soft target Brussels

Another gun-free zone, so to speak, the Brussels airport. Especially the American Airlines part of the terminal. So busy being PC the European Union didn’t have time to secure their own.

Excellant example, as it happens, for Trump’s allegedly racist plan to reduce Muslim immigration. Sure will help him in the vote department.

Via Drudge.

UPDATE:  Our Ted, previously clearly getting desperate, is now getting obnoxious. Cool your jets, Teddy.