Obama Jama

Jama is the popular Cuban word for food, something Cubans are chronically short of at the moment. So many of them hope our Little Barry Hussein will make it easier for them to get it.

“People want Saint Obama to work miracles. They have placed candles on his altar and said a prayer that he will bring them the prosperity promised by others for more than half a century. For many families, the most anticipated marvel is summarized in it being easier to get a plate a food, a desire expressed in the street with every possible rhyme that joins Obama’s name and the popular word for food: jama.”

Good luck with that, folks, all he and his party have brought us is higher taxes, more regulations on business and consumers and, uh, higher food prices.

Via Yoani Sanchez.

3 responses to “Obama Jama

  1. I am still waiting for her to write a conclusion after the visit. I hope she is not thrown into one of the Cuba’s jails by Castro.

  2. In fact, I came by to bring you a link:


    I’ve just remember reading somewhere how some GOP people voicing a suspicion that T-Rump is a part of Clinton’s conspiracy to defeat GOP in these election.

  3. Why would they jail her now, after years of her criticism of the Castro regime?

    I myself used to wonder if T-Rump (good one!) was a ringer for the Hildabeast. You know, get out there and say outrageous things to gather the discontented majority, then after being nominated, throw the election to the woman whose senate campaign he contributed to years ago. When the GOPe, in the person of Jebbie, no less, is supporting our Ted (otherwise anathema to the establishment) you have to wonder. Time will tell.