Our Ted’s problems

Five of them, according to the National Enquirer (enquiring minds want to know). Not the best source but their headlines sure grab the attention.

Seen in the checkout line at HEB: Cruz’s Five Secret Mistresses. And, uh, a reference to “Pervy Ted.” Over a closet tryst. In a closet, that is.

Trump, naturally, is making the most of it. Bad enough our Ted is getting whipped by a New Yorker. But this? Boy, I bet Heidi has a lot of questions.

5 responses to “Our Ted’s problems

  1. I don’t believe it. I’ve been fooled many times before, of course, but this? Nah.

  2. Maybe, but smoke and fire, you know. Five is a lot of smoke.

  3. I don’t believe it either, but does belief really matter here?

  4. Only reason I would, besides the abundant smoke, is that the Enquirer is not known for backing the Democrats. Run by Aussies, they just like scandal and don’t care which party is involved.

  5. Naturally the best time for all the crap to start coming out. It might backfire at the people who started it, you know. In France, for instance, stories like these only increase the candidate’s chances.