Scammers at the old folks dating site

It’s hard enough having to start over in your seventies. But when the scammers are lurking at the senior dating site…

Teresa Gulledge, so called, using the handle texasdippzberry, snared me at the Senior People Meet site, run by a Dallas outfit. I’d use her fetching picture here (complete with dimpled chin) except it’s probably someone else’s stolen for the scam only and why embarrass them? As for TG’s name, well, it’s probably phony, too.

How did I know? Well, she seemed perfectly normal. Just another Native American civil engineer widow of a Paris fashion model who was busy looking for the crown of her successful life whilst building one last offshore drilling rig and a few over-water bridges. (Are there any other kind?) And why shouldn’t she be looking, after all that?

Right up to where she wrote: “I am a total package.” For some reason I got hung up on that phrase (it sounded phony, ha!) and Googled it. Which led me to this where if you scroll down a little you will find the entire content of TG’s missive, albeit with appropriate gender changes. Gosh, Teresa, you’re a fraud.

Now all I need to do is figure out how to complain to Senior People Meet. Haven’t found a way yet. Geeze Louise, do you suppose they don’t want to know?

UPDATE:  Finally figured how to report s/he/it. Little bitty triangular sign with an exclamation mark in it at the bottom right of her profile page. That did it. Her page and fetching photo have been disappeared. Adios.

3 responses to “Scammers at the old folks dating site

  1. Sennacherib

    Scammers are like Democrats (there’s a good argument that they are sthe same). They’re always there when they need you!

  2. It was amusing, I must say. But if s/he/it had used a lot more finesse it might not have been.

  3. Well, the scammers discovered the ‘net long ago. Take care.