The “Palestinians” museum: empty

For a “people” without a history, what else can you expect but an empty museum paid for by the Dictator’s Club and the usual hangers-on. Well, the arabs who call themselves Palestinians do have a history. An invented history of lies which is continuing.

The museum announced in a news release this month that it had named a new director, Mahmoud Hawari, who it called “the lead curator at the British Museum”and a specialist in early Islamic art, architecture and archaeology, among other topics.

A spokeswoman for the British Museum would not confirm that Mr. Hawari held the position of lead curator there, saying only that “he was a visiting academic at the British Museum.” A spokeswoman for Taawon said on Monday morning that the information in the release was based on a curriculum vitae that Mr. Hawari had provided.

Via Israel Matzav

2 responses to “The “Palestinians” museum: empty

  1. Probably will serve as a good warehouse for Qassams or whatever.

  2. Oh, indeed, and all the printed and electronic antisemitic propaganda the Pals raise their children upon.