Democrats drive Wendy’s to robots

Mr. Boy and I have long had a private joke, wishing Wendy and Wally (of the Wally Burgers outlet on Mesa) would get married. But we can never decide whether Wendy or Wally will get first billing in the new franchise name.

There’s gonna be a real distinction between them soon. Wendy’s is going to robot ordering in places like California and New York where Democrat pols pander to the ignorant and uninformed by continually hiking the minimum wage. They know better. They know it just leads to higher unemployment. As long as it get them re-elected, they don’t give a damn who it hurts.

I am wondering, if the Wendy robots come to Texas, will they have the same Spanish accents of the orderers and servers of our local Wendy’s outlet on Far West Boulevard. It’s like a slice of Old Mexico there now. We’d hate to lose the local color with one-voice-fits-all machines.

2 responses to “Democrats drive Wendy’s to robots

  1. Sennacherib

    Yes, they will have the accent and though you’ll never have the same robot they’ll come from the same manufacturer (just like in people, you hire one and you hire the entire family and accent).

  2. More likely the robot accent will be Mid-Western, the one the TV talking heads cultivate no matter where they’re actually from.