Grizzley days these

“I think the word they are looking for is ‘grisly.’ This is the sort of mistake an intelligent high school student wouldn’t make, but those are the sorts of people who don’t seem to be going to work for outfits like CBS News anymore. It is also the kind of mistake that editors used to catch, back in the days when there were editors.”

Too true. Hard to know who to blame. In these days when even the daily farms its printing to San Antonio, its editing to Palm Beach and rumors are afoot of the impending sale of its building. But that’s newspapers. I suppose cBS has been in decline ever since old Dan Rather and his suspenders were booted from the air for reporting a “fake but accurate” story against W.

Via PowerLine.

2 responses to “Grizzley days these

  1. Sennacherib

    Humans may make for gristly food for grizzly bears, but all in all it would be a grisly situation.