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Most “naturally immune” to Wuhan

“In Wuhan, where the virus first emerged, the whole population theoretically was at risk of becoming infected, but only 3% were.

“The Diamond Princess cruise ship represented the worst-case scenario in terms of disease spread, as the close confines of the ship offered optimal conditions for the virus to be passed among those aboard. The population density aboard the ship was the equivalent of trying to cram the whole Israeli population into an area 30 kilometers square. In addition, the ship had a central air conditioning and heating system, and communal dining rooms.

“’Those are extremely comfortable conditions for the virus and still, only 20% were infected. It is a lot, but pretty similar to the infection rate of the common flu,’ Levitt said. Based on those figures, his conclusion was that most people are simply naturally immune.”

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St. Greta blessedly silent

“One welcome byproduct of the COVID 19 [panic] is that we are getting some blessed relief from the ministrations of St. Greta of Thunberg, which rather puts things in perspective: How can we possibly be navigating this crisis without the advice and counsel of Time magazine’s most recent Person of the Year? It’s almost as though when something serious comes along, as opposed to the climate change whim-wham, adults recognize that listening to a teenager is stupid.”

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MLK’s turn in the barrel

We knew of MLK’s infidelities back in the 70s. We didn’t know the half of it.

“A huge archive of documents recently released from Federal Bureau of Investigation files exposes in detail King’s extramarital sexual activities with dozens of women as he traveled the country campaigning against racial inequality…

“Another FBI summary identifies a long-term Los Angeles-based girlfriend of King who was said to have given birth to a baby girl. “The child resembles King to a great degree and King contributes to the support of this child,” the summary says. Both mother and child are still alive but declined to speak…”

Of course, to take all this at face value, you have to trust Fart, Barf & Itch. And who trusts them anymore?

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Paula Revere with the beer

“‘A wild eyed old woman walked into a crowded bar in downtown Washington, D.C. [waving] an un-holstered pistol and yelled out, “I have a .45 caliber Colt 1911, with a seven round magazine, plus one in the chamber. I want to know who’s been sleeping with my husband?” A female voice from the back of the room called out, “You need more ammo, Hillary!”‘

Commenter David R, Graham at PowerLine Blog

Grizzley days these

“I think the word they are looking for is ‘grisly.’ This is the sort of mistake an intelligent high school student wouldn’t make, but those are the sorts of people who don’t seem to be going to work for outfits like CBS News anymore. It is also the kind of mistake that editors used to catch, back in the days when there were editors.”

Too true. Hard to know who to blame. In these days when even the daily farms its printing to San Antonio, its editing to Palm Beach and rumors are afoot of the impending sale of its building. But that’s newspapers. I suppose cBS has been in decline ever since old Dan Rather and his suspenders were booted from the air for reporting a “fake but accurate” story against W.

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The women of the NRA

It should go without saying that gun-grabber Barry’s alleged concern for women doesn’t extend to all of them. Pro-lifers, for instance. Tea Partiers and Republicans. Worst of all, maybe, are the women of the National Rifle Association, whatever their politics beyond guns. Lawdy Miss Clawdy.

Indeed, there are more NRA women all the time. Check out the latest videos by the nation’s oldest civil rights group on the female face of the NRA. They don’t all carry pink Glocks but not a one of them is waiting for Barry and his federal buds to come protect them.

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