Black Guns Matter

Yep, guns. This guy Maj Toure is onto something.

“He said that African-Americans generally have a negative view of firearms, a stigma he wants to change that. ‘It’s been taboo to talk about firearms in the black community especially,’ Toure said. ‘The general stigma is, if you have a firearm in the community you are either the bad guy or law enforcement. That’s something that is inaccurate. There’s law enforcement that are bad guys and there are guys from the hood that are great guys and they both may have firearms.

“’So we’re here to break that stereotype by showing people that to have a firearm, no different than the Founding Fathers said hundreds of years before me, that’s part of being a good citizen,’ Toure said. ‘Not leaning on the police for everything. They have more things on their plate than they need to. Our own personal safety is up to us as citizens.’”

Course I love what he told the Hildabeast. To come down off her ruling class high horse to the level of the rest of us peasants. Put her own behavior where her anti-gun mouth is and disarm her security detail. Give ’em cans of mace, eh?

Via The Blaze and The Washington Free Beacon.

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