Hillary’s treatments just a step away


Mrs. Clinton has her Diazepam anti-seizure and anti-convulsion med just a step away in the hand of her ever-present medic-aide. This is who we want handling the nuclear arsenal?

Via Milo Yiannopolous on Twitter.

UPDATE:  American Thinker blog is cautiously reporting it, suggesting she be asked to release her medical records. Fat chance. They show the aide is wearing a lapel pin identifying him to security as a doctor or physician’s assistant. And in a video at the link he’s shown shooing away two security men, so he’s either a ranking one of them or he has power in some other way.

MORE:  The “aide” has been identified as  Dr. Oladotun Okunola, a neurologist whose specialty is epilepsy

4 responses to “Hillary’s treatments just a step away

  1. “medic-aide”. Har. Medicaid. I get it.

  2. He might be a doc or a nurse for all I know. Or care. It’s the Diazepam injector that’s got my interest. She’s a sick woman, for whom stress could be a killer, trying to win a very stressful job.

  3. I’m with you Stanley. Her situation reminds me of Caesar’s at the final end of his command in Gaul. His opponents and he knew that he could be prosecuted without high office to protect him. She knows it too. She like Caesar must go for the top of the hill or else. But this physical condition isn’t something many have foreseen, especially by a lot of those in her camp. It looks like she can’t hide it very well any longer.

  4. That’s the beauty of the Internet. So many ways now to get around the dominant Democrat snooze media, print and electronic, which is close enough to her to know about this and be hiding it. Not much longer I bet.