Obama DID found ISIS

And the Hildabeast WAS the co-founder. He yanked our troops out of Iraq and thereby created the vacuum into which ISIS stepped. She helped make sure that the Middle East’s jihadists, including ISIS, got arms. See her state department emails if you don’t believe it. This DIA report elucidates.

Trump’s choice of words is cutting to the chase. It’s sales talk. Not intellectual nitpicking. Now, whether it will close the deal for him remains to be seen, but he’s better off with plain talk than beating about the bush to keep the liberal critics happy. Like suckups Romney and McCain tried to do and failed.

The liberal critics will never cut a GOP presidential candidate a break. Certainly not the Democrats and their Democrat-dominant news media. So Trump’s wise to keep up the sales talk, the trash-talk. He’s not looking for or going to get their votes.

Via Instapundit & Jihad Watch.

3 responses to “Obama DID found ISIS

  1. And he’s accomplished the fact that this is even being talked about.

  2. He will never make the democrat media happy, so he might as well nail ’em.

  3. He seems to be doing that.